The Prayer Circle

When we started a gold exploration project in a remote Yukon location in the Kaska Nation traditional territory I called the Chief and let him know we planned to start our program. We were, of course, going through the usual government permitting process which would include public consultation and feedback along with mandatory consultation with […]

Let’s Potlatch! Part 2

As mentioned in a previous blog, Yukon Commissioner, the Honourable Judy Gingell, her mother, my young son and I headed out to let everyone know about the upcoming Commissioner’s Potlatch as we all dug into the work of planning a big celebration just a few months away. The all-female planning committee, which met regularly in […]

Let’s Potlatch!

What a gift I was given back in January of 1999 when I was awarded a small contract to organize the first Commissioner’s Potlatch. So, two questions must come to your mind: The first one is simple and easy to explain, the Commissioner of the Yukon is the Governor General (GG) of Canada’s representative. The […]

“Get Your F&$king Wife Under Control”

So, I ended up in a lawsuit from an incident in 2020. While I feel vindicated the Supreme Court of British Columbia (BC) ruled in my favour in my defamation case (see page 11 for the title of this piece by clicking the button below), it is frustrating that 3 years after the VRIC incident, […]

Arriving in Faro

I intentionally ended up in Canada’s Yukon in the mid-1980s as a newly minted graduate with an economics degree from Queen’s University. As mentioned before – to pay off my student loan.  To gain some perspective, the Yukon is about the size of California and at the time had about 27,000 people. I checked out […]


26, a brilliant age to make life-altering decisions: Queen’s University Grad Picture….don’t laugh too hard at the hair….it was the 80’s! “You will be back”, they all said, “you hate winter”. The bets were made, 6 months and my family called. “Come home”, they said, “you won the bet”. I stayed. It seemed like such […]