First Date

Many years ago, a geologist I knew was out in the field in northern Canada, head down looking at rocks-when a grizzly attacked him from behind. The unprovoked attack left him with permanent scars to his face and head. He survived having his head in the grizzly bear’s mouth, and being buried alive, all while he […]

$5,000 = A Life-Altering Decision

If I were to tell you that you have the ability to take, what looks like a really bad financial deal, and turn it into a positive, life-altering decision… Would you believe me? Many, many years ago in a land before time… Wait- wrong picture show. Many years ago, I saw a posting for a […]


Just home from another trip to Wyoming with my husband and son, or as I call them my prospecting buddies. We had a fabulous time and I almost hate to tell you about Wyoming because it is so incredible, I almost want to keep that knowledge to myself. When I was a kid, I had […]

Innovation and Innovators

In a previous blog, I mentioned Bill and I were taking a break after the Grand Opening of enCore Energy’s  Rosita Uranium Plant… which by the way has already shipped off uranium to its utility customers. So off we went to Telluride, a wonderful little ski town with an amazing history of mining and innovation. I […]

Band of Brothers

I am watching Band of Brothers again, and it makes me remember people like my great-grandfather, a veteran, and a survivor of two world wars and many other battles. A world champion marksman, an Olympic medalist and a sniper- his medals are in the Canadian War Museum Archives. In his sixties, he apparently had not […]

Rosita… The Yellow Rose of Texas

I had to take a break from my weekly blog following the Grand Opening of enCore Energy’s Uranium Processing Plant and Wellfield in South Texas. My team and I organized the event and about 300 people – from land owners to local elected officials to family and friends and investors – joined us to celebrate […]

Life Lived Like A Story: The Yellowcake of Texas

When I moved to the Yukon at age 26, I thought it was the most awful place I had ever been. It was small, remote, quiet, and bleak. But I was giving it a year to pay off my student loan and I was determined to meet my goal. One day, I wandered into the […]

3 Glorious Days

A friend recently asked me how I managed to not feel neglected, as I was a child with a sick family member who needed a lot of attention. My answer was simple – grandparents. I was blessed with wonderful grandparents who were active in my childhood and allowed me to live with them for many […]


So, over dinner one night my friend is listening to my raven funeral story, which I always have to present with some disclaimers about not being crazy. She one ups me with a better story… she saw a Bushman. So, what’s a Bushman? A Bushman can also be known by other terms: sasquatch, yeti, abominable […]

You Can Ring My Bell

Lesson: Old Timers Are Pretty Darn Smart I can’t say for sure where the origin of the bell in the bar came from. I have heard several versions including the bell warding off evil spirits, sailors ringing the bell, and more. In mining towns, specifically gold rush towns, if you find gold you ring the […]