God’s Team… the Cowboys.

Lesson: Remember We Walk Amongst Giants

I was taught from a young age, by my father, that the reason the Dallas Cowboys played in an open stadium was so God could watch his team play. So, a few years back, at a friend’s birthday party when I had the pleasure of meeting Randy White, I had to share my father’s point of view.

My husband, Bill, and I with Randy White

Mr. White, or the ‘Manster’, an incredibly gracious & successful man, told me that when he played with Tom Landry and Roger Staubach, it truly was God’s team.

I, of course, called my father to tell him about this glorious event I experienced from someone who was fortunate enough to walk (and block and tackle) amongst the giants. Someone who was also a giant, and as we know, at times, triple-teamed by his opponents.

I ended up meeting Mr. White (I think you need to call someone that accomplished and huge… Mr) when living in Dallas with my husband, Bill, who was of course a Cowboys fan. And fortunately for my husband, I love watching football and he found out I knew my football. When dating about 15 years ago, and during my first visit to his home in Dallas, we were driving and a quiz came on the radio… Who is the most famous Dallas Cowboy ever?

Photo Credit: NFLshop.com

As the commentator started working through the top 10 list, I (the proud Canadian) said without any hesitation that it was Tom Landry. My future husband had no doubt it was Roger Staubach. And the debate continued until the commentator said the 2nd most famous Cowboy was Roger Staubach.

I think the contest now may produce some different names from that list of 15 years ago and I hope at some point in the future I can have another debate with Bill about the Cowboys. Maybe we can debate whether the 2024 Superbowl was the best the Cowboys ever played, or if CeeDee Lamb (#88) is the best #88 ever, or who is the best quarterback that ever played for the Cowboys. But then that is the dream of every fan of America’s team…

Only one question… I wonder, now in the Cowboy’s present home at the AT&T stadium with a retractable roof, if during bad weather when the roof is closed… does God sit in a box seat, the end zone, or, is he on the sidelines watching his team play?


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