Winners and Losers

The extraction of minerals and metals has historically been important for the social and economic well-being of the United States of America. Unfortunately, over decades the trend shows a continual downward slide of domestic production in favour of cheap imports often accompanied by lower standards of environmental controls and labour standards. These facts compared to the United States mining/extraction industry which is heavily regulated, operated professionally and filled with many talented men and woman who want a vibrant industry and economy in the United States.  

Mined in America’s ‘Winners and Losers’ highlights the good and bad decisions that have an impact on a healthy mining/extraction sector. Domestic miining/extraction drives everything – from energy independence to national security, jobs to business growth, reduction of poverty, wealth creation, to the development of infrastructure and many other positive impacts often overlooked, misunderstood or undervalued due to lack of information or misunderstanding.

We post facts and examples to help educate and inform. Submissions accepted, feedback appreciated. All facts stated must be able to be supported by publicly available information. You get to decide if fact is a winner or a loser.