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Welcome to my blog. After decades of working extensively with First Nation communities, communications and corporate strategy and finally the mining sector, l have many stories to share about these great experiences. It’s an amazing world out there, incredible people and an underappreciated sector that drives our economy and quality of life. I highly recommend the road less travelled. Enjoy!

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Janet & Jeff Do Dawson

I was working in Dawson City, Yukon leading the planning for a major gathering of private and institutional investors and mine owners from around the world. It was around the end of the conference,

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100 Chairs

Lesson: Find a Mentor or Two or Three; Learn from Them Spectacular leadership fascinates me. It’s not a skill we all possess, or can even acquire. Over time I have read a great deal

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High Class Hookers

Lesson: Laugh it Off Work in the mining industry definitely takes you to interesting places, and I would like to think the bar I ended up in Geneva, Switzerland, had nothing to do with

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A Raven Funeral

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I once had the honour of organizing a Potlatch or two. On the day of the 1st Potlatch, with thousands of people planning on attending, I was

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Dinosaur Valley

Lesson: There is always a lesson. I love storytelling, I love listening to stories and I love telling stories.  Stories are lessons to educate or entertain; stories pass on culture, tradition, history and family

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How I Got Here