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Welcome to my blog. After decades of working extensively with First Nation communities, communications and corporate strategy and finally the mining sector, l have many stories to share about these great experiences. It’s an amazing world out there, incredible people and an underappreciated sector that drives our economy and quality of life. I highly recommend the road less travelled. Enjoy!

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Innovation and Innovators

In a previous blog, I mentioned Bill and I were taking a break after the Grand Opening of enCore Energy’s  Rosita Uranium Plant… which by the way has already shipped off uranium to its utility

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Band of Brothers

I am watching Band of Brothers again, and it makes me remember people like my great-grandfather, a veteran, and a survivor of two world wars and many other battles. A world champion marksman, an

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Rosita… The Yellow Rose of Texas

I had to take a break from my weekly blog following the Grand Opening of enCore Energy’s Uranium Processing Plant and Wellfield in South Texas. My team and I organized the event and about

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3 Glorious Days

A friend recently asked me how I managed to not feel neglected, as I was a child with a sick family member who needed a lot of attention. My answer was simple – grandparents.

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So, over dinner one night my friend is listening to my raven funeral story, which I always have to present with some disclaimers about not being crazy. She one ups me with a better

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