How to Build a Communication Plan for Stakeholder Engagement


Mining-related engagement is a reciprocal, community-based relationship-building activity. Stakeholder engagement is a vital component of achieving sustained positive outcomes for community relations in the mining industry. Though it’s important to build a broad set of relationships with the community, time and resources don’t always support talking to every person. Through some well-placed informational sessions and […]

The Problem of Women Leaving the Mining Industry


Women are underrepresented in mining companies at all levels. Yet the industry has an opportunity to recruit, retain, and promote more female workers. Women make up a small share of the mining industry compared to other sectors. Why does this matter? Diversity makes sense on many levels—including financial and operational aspects. The Importance of Diverse […]

What You Must Know about Mineral Resources and the Economy

Mineral Resources

Today, Canada is known as a mining powerhouse on a global scale. The country’s minerals industry is thriving, generating jobs and economic activity in every region. Read on to discover more about mineral resources, the mineral industry, and how these could affect the world’s economy. The Effect of Minerals on the Economy Canada is well-positioned […]

Here’s Everything You Need to Learn about Quartz


Fads in the kitchen come and go. We’ve seen colors and patterns emerge in the 60s, and allowed white appliances and light oak wood tones to define a 90s kitchen. Entering the 2000s, modern sophistication presented itself in simple cabinetries and minimalist stainless steel appliances. Then, granite quickly became a popular countertop material. For a […]

5 Benefits of Using Strategic Planning in the Mining Industry


The mining industry has always been criticized for many reasons. However, as the industry progressed, practices changed and maintained depending on how helpful they have become for mining companies. Nowadays, strategic mine planning has helped companies achieve their potential without harming their employees or the environment in the process. But what are the benefits of […]

A Deep Dive Into Gold in Canada: What You Need to Know


You’d be surprised to know that Canada is home to one of the largest—9th, to be exact—gold reserves in the world. Across the nine provinces and territories, there are different places to mine gold. The first time gold was ever discovered in Canada was in the 1820s, and in 1858, gold was then discovered in […]