What You Should Know About The Canadian Gold-Mining Industry

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Gold is considered by many, if not everyone, to be an incredibly precious metal. Its value is incredibly stable and high, and it has been a vital metal in various applications today, from jewelry down to your devices such as phones. Regardless, did you know that Canada is ninth in the world in terms of […]

What You Need to Know about the Canadian Gold Industry


Canada has the world’s 9th largest gold reserves, and they are currently the world’s 5th largest producer. Not many people think or associate Canada with gold, but to give you an idea of how big of a deal gold in Canada is, keep reading below. Where Can You Find Gold in Canada? The province of […]

Luxurious Facts about Gold You May Want to Know About

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Gold, with the symbol Au and the Latin name aurum, has been prized in jewelry and treasured objects for thousands of years. It is a metal of color and shine. In fact, all the gold that has ever been refined could melt down into a cube 70 feet on each side. If you are a […]